Bonjour! Hello! Hola! My name is Ali, full name is Alexandria. My name backwards, Airdnaxela, sounds like a type of dinosaur. Doesn't it?

I am 22. I post random shtuff. I like music, art, food, cats, and sometimes people =) I live and go to art school in San Francisco; I'm studying Graphic Design. I changemy theme around a lot because I get bored of it. My top favorite bands that I'll love forever and ever are: The Killers, Coldplay, Gorillaz, and Hellogoodbye.
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Umberto Dattola

“EVNI is a collection of giant furniture developed by Italian designer Umberto Dattola. The artist creates all kinds of woodwork that blends carpentry and design. For this project, he took old pieces of furniture and transformed them into these unique, lively pieces. The oversized furniture was first revealed at Milan Design Week and is reminiscent of a fantasy scene, like something directly out of Alice in Wonderland.

EVNI is a project that gives life and expression to otherwise inanimate objects. Through the work, Dattola explores the possibility that everyday objects absorb emotions and carry those feelings throughout the course of existence. Dattola explains: “What, of our passions, remain in the object during our life? Can we consider that some objects follow us during our entire life, absorbing our passions, moments of happiness, and moments of sadness? The question is: are we sure that all our sentiments pass without any influence around us?” The final product certainly seems to have a life of its own. With their long, wavy legs, the surreal pieces look like they might get up and scurry away at any moment.”